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Fridays 23 November 2018

With both boys now at college, I have that “Friday feeling" bubbling up inside me each week. Our homeschool days flowed fairly seamlessly between weekdays, week ends and holidays, but now there is a definite feel of elation/relief when Friday afternoon comes round, and I look forward to the arrival of the bus, bringing the… Continue reading Fridays 23 November 2018

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Out and about learning – Stratford upon Avon August 2018

HWH, the girls and myself spent a couple of days camping at Stratford....on the racecourse! We weren’t competing with any horses at the time, so the camping itself was quite uneventful. We did, however walk into town and as well as enjoying the river, visiting the RSC theatre and having tea at an awesome 1940’s… Continue reading Out and about learning – Stratford upon Avon August 2018

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What about socialising? August 2018

This is a valid question, and probably one of the most asked, especially in our early days of homeschooling.  It was also the issue I was most concerned about as we considered home ed. As I was scrollling through photos to put on this page, I wish I’d had one of the hundred plus kids… Continue reading What about socialising? August 2018

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Sports day July 2018

On a particularly hot, sunny afternoon, over a hundred homeschooling children and parents gathered in a local park for our annual Sports Day, abley organised by our wonderful group facilitator. It’s always a highlight of our homeschool calendar, with all ages joining in with various degrees of competitiveness....from toddlers determinedly persevering till they reach the… Continue reading Sports day July 2018