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Snow days and holidays / January 2019

In the hour and a half between walking Sparkly Eyes to Brownies and Dancing Toes to Guides, sleet turned to snow and started settling on our streets. “It’s scattering down” declared my delighted youngest daughter. And Rhythm Dude returned from rugby practice with more grin than mud, having played as the smow came down. Our… Continue reading Snow days and holidays / January 2019

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Ideals and reality January 2019

I think I'm quite an idealistic person; I have a vision of how I'd like to parent, what I'd like to pour into our kids, the environment and experiences I'd like them to be surrounded by and enjoy. The more I read, the more this vision is fuelled with fresh ideas. This is good, I… Continue reading Ideals and reality January 2019

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Edible slime / January 2019

What is it that makes slime so irresistible to most small girls? I guess it's tactile and soothing. We used to make ublek (cornflour and water) for poorly children in hospital; it was part of the whole package of therapeutic play. As a mum, though, I'm not a great fan of it, as it creates… Continue reading Edible slime / January 2019

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Around the year in picture books – Europe November/December 2018

We ended our tour of North America in Boston and decided to cross the Atlantic by ship. So, following in the footsteps of the redoubtable Katy (“What Katy did Next” by Susan Coolidge) we donned our sea shoes and stepped aboard an ocean liner. Once docked, we departed from Katy’s  itinerary and set off on… Continue reading Around the year in picture books – Europe November/December 2018

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Moon project September/October 2018

We had a harvest moon back in September. This is the full moon which occurs nearest to the autumn equinox.  It rises very close to sunset, low in the sky and appears very bright due to the tilt of the earth (I don’t really understand this, but Lanky Dude explained it to us). Its light… Continue reading Moon project September/October 2018

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North America September/ October 2018

Our first stop on our whistle-stop-picture-book-tour-of-the-world was North America. We mainly focused on USA, but Sparkly Eyes enjoyed finding out about the huskies (her favourite dog) in Canada. As well as these books, I used postcard templates from Activity village...            and we watched a… Continue reading North America September/ October 2018