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Sloe Gin – September 2019

The sloe is the fruit of the blackthorn, sometimes known as wild plum. They line the hedgerows in the autumn, jostling with blackberries as the most sought after fruit. The blackberry usually wins as sloes can't be eaten straight from the bush. They can, however, be turned into sloe gin, a warming winter drink. Its… Continue reading Sloe Gin – September 2019

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Summer days August 2019

The slow summer days I'd dreamed of have slipped through my fingers all too quickly as exam results, plans and preparations for next year have jolted us back into reality. I remember a song in "Mama Mia" when Meryl Streep sits with her daughter as the latter approaches her wedding and recalls, through song of… Continue reading Summer days August 2019

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Spring learning April 2019

As the weather warms up, we naturally spend more time outdoors, both at work and play. The summer term is often a more relaxed one, with lots of outdoor learning. Both boys have exams coming up, so this is a season when the pressure is on for them. I therefore decided that in an attempt… Continue reading Spring learning April 2019

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Stinging nettle and wild garlic soup April 2019

This is just a version of stinging nettle soup (earlier recipe). Stinging nettles are best to eat at this time of year (and maybe sting the hardest too!), so it's a other seasonal one. I tend to pick only the top third of the nettle. Then by pouring boiling water over them, their stinging power… Continue reading Stinging nettle and wild garlic soup April 2019

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Moments of beauty in the midst of life. April 2019

There are so many moments of joy in my mothering journey, and it truly is the most fulfilling job I have ever done, but it certainly feels like hard work some fact, most days. But I don't think anything of such eternal worth is ever going to be a breeze. There are many seasons… Continue reading Moments of beauty in the midst of life. April 2019

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Spring days – April 2019

The Easter holidays have begun! I love all holidays for different reasons, but the Easter ones seem to signify hope; a change from winter to spring, and more importantly the life giving hope of Easter. However, after some warm and sunny weeks, the weather has turned cold again (a dusting of snow on the hills),… Continue reading Spring days – April 2019

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Those grey winter days…February 2019

I set out to write something about keeping going through the dreary and seemingly endless days of a wet British winter. I started on one such day, and forty eight hours later am finishing it while sitting under a cloudless blue sky, listening to a chorus of birds with the warmth of a pale winter… Continue reading Those grey winter days…February 2019