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Spring learning April 2019

As the weather warms up, we naturally spend more time outdoors, both at work and play. The summer term is often a more relaxed one, with lots of outdoor learning. Both boys have exams coming up, so this is a season when the pressure is on for them. I therefore decided that in an attempt… Continue reading Spring learning April 2019

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Wild garlic bread April 2019

One of Dancing Toes' lovely  homeschool friends came for lunch this week, and we planned a meal around wild garlic; wild garlic and stinging nettle soup, wild garlic bread and wild garlic scrambled eggs. We were given the idea of the bread by another of Dancing Toes' delightful home school friends. She had made it… Continue reading Wild garlic bread April 2019

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Wild garlic soup April 2019

We have such an abundance of wild garlic around us, I've been trying to come up with different ways to consume it. Some are more popular than others. Myself and HWH loved this one, but younger kids were not so keen! I simply fried and onion, added some diced potato, and once softened threw in… Continue reading Wild garlic soup April 2019

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Spring days – April 2019

The Easter holidays have begun! I love all holidays for different reasons, but the Easter ones seem to signify hope; a change from winter to spring, and more importantly the life giving hope of Easter. However, after some warm and sunny weeks, the weather has turned cold again (a dusting of snow on the hills),… Continue reading Spring days – April 2019

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Edible slime / January 2019

What is it that makes slime so irresistible to most small girls? I guess it's tactile and soothing. We used to make ublek (cornflour and water) for poorly children in hospital; it was part of the whole package of therapeutic play. As a mum, though, I'm not a great fan of it, as it creates… Continue reading Edible slime / January 2019

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Moon project September/October 2018

We had a harvest moon back in September. This is the full moon which occurs nearest to the autumn equinox.  It rises very close to sunset, low in the sky and appears very bright due to the tilt of the earth (I don’t really understand this, but Lanky Dude explained it to us). Its light… Continue reading Moon project September/October 2018

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Wild flowers of the spring – 5 May 2018

Now the sun is finally warming up the countryside, the wild flowers are springing into abundance.  Here are a few we spied on a delightful family walk to the bluebell woods over the week end.  The picture of the orchid was taken by my brother on the longer walk for fitter adults and more energetic… Continue reading Wild flowers of the spring – 5 May 2018