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Balancing busyness and rest March 2019

It seems I continually fight a battle to live a quieter, simpler life. The sort I think I read about, where children have hours to run free in a meadow chasing butterflies, while Mum sits in a shady spot sipping tea and reading a book. Having purposefully stepped off the conventional parenting treadmill, I often… Continue reading Balancing busyness and rest March 2019

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Holidays through the seasons March 2019

One great advantage of homeschooling is that we've been able to go on holidays when everyone else is at school. This not only gives me a delicious feeling of playing a legitimate sort of way...but also it's cheaper and campsites, countryside, beaches, museums etc are all quieter. Since the boys started college, we've not… Continue reading Holidays through the seasons March 2019

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Those grey winter days…February 2019

I set out to write something about keeping going through the dreary and seemingly endless days of a wet British winter. I started on one such day, and forty eight hours later am finishing it while sitting under a cloudless blue sky, listening to a chorus of birds with the warmth of a pale winter… Continue reading Those grey winter days…February 2019

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Snow days and holidays / January 2019

In the hour and a half between walking Sparkly Eyes to Brownies and Dancing Toes to Guides, sleet turned to snow and started settling on our streets. “It’s scattering down” declared my delighted youngest daughter. And Rhythm Dude returned from rugby practice with more grin than mud, having played as the smow came down. Our… Continue reading Snow days and holidays / January 2019

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Christmas December 2018

Christmas conjures up different images for all of us; twinkly lights, Christmas cake, long “to do” lists, cards dropping through the letterbox, over excited children, family tensions, uplifting carols. My conversations over the past few weeks have again highlighted the pressure there often is to have a “perfect” Christmas. Children’s expectations are high, and parents,… Continue reading Christmas December 2018