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Mended Teacups a podcast and a new venture April 2019

It’s Friday night; the boys and a friend are eating pizza and watching minecraft videos (!), the girls are just about ready for bed, having had their pizza. At the end of our first week back to homeschool routine, we've had the fun of a day with home ed friends at Tyntesfield, a NT property,… Continue reading Mended Teacups a podcast and a new venture April 2019

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Easter family traditions April 2019

I love Easter, both spiritually and physically. In our little part of England we've had some wonderfully warm weather recently and I've enjoyed being out in the garden planting seeds, painting my girl shed, watching the children play while catching up with friends, or simply sitting with a cup of tea and my Bible on… Continue reading Easter family traditions April 2019

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Moments of beauty in the midst of life. April 2019

There are so many moments of joy in my mothering journey, and it truly is the most fulfilling job I have ever done, but it certainly feels like hard work some fact, most days. But I don't think anything of such eternal worth is ever going to be a breeze. There are many seasons… Continue reading Moments of beauty in the midst of life. April 2019

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Christmas December 2018

Christmas conjures up different images for all of us; twinkly lights, Christmas cake, long “to do” lists, cards dropping through the letterbox, over excited children, family tensions, uplifting carols. My conversations over the past few weeks have again highlighted the pressure there often is to have a “perfect” Christmas. Children’s expectations are high, and parents,… Continue reading Christmas December 2018

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Advent 17 December 2018

With Advent over halfway through, I have as always, succumbed to the busyness of the season. I have, however, over the past few years been delving deeper into the purpose of Advent; that of preparation for the celebration of Christmas, not just physically, but spiritually too. Advent means “arrival” or “coming”. It’s purpose is to… Continue reading Advent 17 December 2018