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Ideals and reality January 2019

I think I'm quite an idealistic person; I have a vision of how I'd like to parent, what I'd like to pour into our kids, the environment and experiences I'd like them to be surrounded by and enjoy. The more I read, the more this vision is fuelled with fresh ideas. This is good, I… Continue reading Ideals and reality January 2019

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A special weekend with Sally Clarkson September 2018

A few weeks ago, we had the great honour of having Sally Clarkson to stay with us, and to hear her talk at our home ed group. It seemed such a significant and much anticipated event, that it’s taken me a few weeks to process, and thus write about it. I’m going to cover it in… Continue reading A special weekend with Sally Clarkson September 2018

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Outdoors play…true learning? October 10 2018

  I’m watching Sparkly Eyes playing; it’s warm and sunny, she’s wearing flip flops and her best Christmas dress. She is singing whilst carefully moving Lego figures around a set up of stones, a slide extension and water. She is engrossed. In her imagination this all is much more; an exciting adventure is taking place.… Continue reading Outdoors play…true learning? October 10 2018

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What about socialising? August 2018

This is a valid question, and probably one of the most asked, especially in our early days of homeschooling.  It was also the issue I was most concerned about as we considered home ed. As I was scrollling through photos to put on this page, I wish I’d had one of the hundred plus kids… Continue reading What about socialising? August 2018

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Sports day July 2018

On a particularly hot, sunny afternoon, over a hundred homeschooling children and parents gathered in a local park for our annual Sports Day, abley organised by our wonderful group facilitator. It’s always a highlight of our homeschool calendar, with all ages joining in with various degrees of competitiveness....from toddlers determinedly persevering till they reach the… Continue reading Sports day July 2018