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A special weekend with Sally Clarkson September 2018

A few weeks ago, we had the great honour of having Sally Clarkson to stay with us, and to hear her talk at our home ed group. It seemed such a significant and much anticipated event, that it’s taken me a few weeks to process, and thus write about it. I’m going to cover it in… Continue reading A special weekend with Sally Clarkson September 2018

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Outdoors play…true learning? October 10 2018

  I’m watching Sparkly Eyes playing; it’s warm and sunny, she’s wearing flip flops and her best Christmas dress. She is singing whilst carefully moving Lego figures around a set up of stones, a slide extension and water. She is engrossed. In her imagination this all is much more; an exciting adventure is taking place.… Continue reading Outdoors play…true learning? October 10 2018

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What about socialising? August 2018

This is a valid question, and probably one of the most asked, especially in our early days of homeschooling.  It was also the issue I was most concerned about as we considered home ed. As I was scrollling through photos to put on this page, I wish I’d had one of the hundred plus kids… Continue reading What about socialising? August 2018

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Sports day July 2018

On a particularly hot, sunny afternoon, over a hundred homeschooling children and parents gathered in a local park for our annual Sports Day, abley organised by our wonderful group facilitator. It’s always a highlight of our homeschool calendar, with all ages joining in with various degrees of competitiveness....from toddlers determinedly persevering till they reach the… Continue reading Sports day July 2018


Thoughts from some veteran homeschoolers

So, why homeschool when there is a perfectly good school down the road? This is the question I asked when I had my first encounter with a homeschooling family. However, despite my lack of understanding, I was drawn to this mum's relaxed and natural style of mothering, their strong sense of family, and the children… Continue reading Thoughts from some veteran homeschoolers